About Us

Softub makes getting into hot water simple, affordable, relaxing and fun. The simplicity and versatility of the Softub impressed us so much, we have been selling them since 1991.

Our commitment from day one has always been to you, the customer. Softub Canada stands behind its product providing exemplary customer service and after sales support with a coast to coast network of dealers.

In this time of concern for the environment, it's good to know that all Softubs are manufactured in a facility with 0% harmful emissions and that waste materials from the manufacturing process are recyclable. While costing as little a $10.00 per month to operate, it is easy to see why Softub is one of the most environmentally friendly hot tubs on the market today!

Softub is currently available in over 30 countries around the world and with over 300,000 customers worldwide. We look forward to welcoming you to our family of satisfied Softub customers!

Simple and Portable

Setting up a Softub is easy—just add water and plug your Softub in. No plumbing, expensive site preparation or special installation is required. Completely portable, a Softub can be easily moved by one person. Use your Softub inside or out and in any season. It’s perfect on a deck or patio, in a home or apartment, even at the cottage or on a houseboat. The lightweight design enables you to take a Softub almost anywhere.



Therapeutic, Comfortable and Safe

Relieve stiff muscles and aching joints in your Softub. Powerful, adjustable hydrojets are strategically placed to deliver warm, massaging streams of water. Softubs feature barrier-free seating and a soft, cushioned interior and exterior. There are no hard or slippery surfaces and the low profile allows for easy entry and exit.



Durable and Weather Resistant

The lightweight and remarkably strong tub walls are constructed using our patented Polybond™ high density, closed cell foam technology. As well, all of the exterior surfaces are covered in LeatherTex™ marine grade vinyl, to help endure the harshest of climates.